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About Niko

Niko's interest in creative work came at a very early age. The first spark ignited when his older brother [Renee] picked up the guitar. Although Renee soon lost interest in the instrument, his stint left a long lasting influence on Niko. Many years later, a high school friend recruited Niko to play guitar for his band, which launched his music endeavors. Music acted as a prelude to photography. Seeing an opportunity to get hands on experience with camera equipment, Niko signed up for Sealy High School's Video Technology course, which set the foundation for his film experience. Two years after graduation, Niko began his quest in freelance photography and videography.

Craigslist low/no budget crew listings provided many diverse and interesting experiences, such as: shooting the Houston leg of Bossy's No Book Tour, serving as a Production Assistant on the short films Power of Thought and I Loved My Baby To Death, freelancing at OTC 2011, capturing images of hot spots in The Heights for a marketing company, and shooting the "Challenge To Turn Dreams Into Discoveries" speeches for two prominent Houston doctors, which were featured during the ASRM 2011 annual conference. Niko has also spent some time in the Houston nightlife scene with Club World 360 [Flosstradamus, The Crystal Method, Jazzy Jeff, Carlos Melange, Keys N' Krates, Praia Urbana 16, James Zabiela, DJ Serafin, Donald Glaude] and Houston Music Scene. Niko also volunteered at Citizens For Animal Protection [CAP] from August of 2011 to March of 2012.

2013 was quite a journey for Niko, allowing him transition from documentary style productions to more theatrical projects. 2014 has been Niko's strongest year yet with two music video release and Cinematographer for the documentary In The Real World. In 2015, Niko has decided to focus on still photography and is currently employed by an international portrait company while also pursuing freelance work.

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